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International Payments

You can send or receive payments from other countries in your Internet Bank or Mobile Bank (Nettbank/Mobilbank). You can use the IBAN-calculator below to find your IBAN-number.

The SWIFT-/BIC for Luster Sparebank is DNBANOKK.


Ditt IBAN-nummer:

Payments to other countries

To make an international payment you need the following information:

  • Name and address to recipient
  • SWIFT-/BIC code for the beneficiary bank.
  • IBAN-number with the bank account number to the recipient

The IBAN/Account number is normally found on an invoice, together with other payment information. If you can not find the IBAN/Account number, you will have to contact the recipient or beneficiary bank to get this information.

Please note! In order to make payments to persons or companies in other countries, your Internet- / Mobile bank must be opened for international payments.

Receiving payments from other countries

In order for you to receive a payment from abroad, the sender needs this information:

  • Your name and adress
  • Your IBAN-number with your bank account number
  • BIC/SWIFT-adress for Luster Sparebank: DNBANOKK

You will find your IBAN-number on your bank statement, or you can find it by using the IBAN-calculator below. In some countries it is required to use IBAN and in some it is optional.

You can click here to see an overview of what the different countries require in relation to IBAN, as well as a list of countries you can not send NOK or USD to.

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Notification of transfers abroad

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Frequently asked questions

What is IBAN, and how do I find my IBAN-number?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number, and it is an international standard for bank account numbers. Within the EU and the EEA area, IBAN must be used for payments to and from abroad.

Using the IBAN-kalkulator, you can find the IBAN account number to your own account.

IBAN account number you will also find on your bank statements.

Here you can find examples of IBAN for different countries.

How long does it take before the recipient receives the money?

Ordinary payments within the EU/EEA area normally take from 2 to 4 banking days. Ordinary payments to the rest of the world normally take from 2 to 8 banking days.

Urgent payments within the EU/EEA area normally takes from 0 to 2 banking days. Urgent payment to the rest of the world normally takes from 2 to 8 banking days.

In some countries it can take up to 15 days or more before pament is received.

Contact us if you have questions about international payments.

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